poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner


As we were walking

  and in a group, she said

I’ll put that on when we get to my place:

  it was Fernando, by ABBA

and that was the artist, Inge

  but she never did

But some forlorn loudspeaker

     that was rather quiet,

       was playing it on the street

I said I could play in on the guitar:

     no comment, so I said it again

     no comment  plus – I’ll put that on

       when we get back home

I have that one

The sun was shining for once; and we’d met

  on the wall that goes around the sea

There I was taking photos of my friend Sylvia

        practicing kung fu

born of a forlorn preacher

The Russians stept in,

and everybody left; everybody who could, that is,

   they soldiered on thru

       to other continents,

miserable oceans by boat

I caught a glimpse of my mum’s Chinese,

   but she would say she forgot

   she would lay in bed for days

     after she got cancer

     and stink up the house with

her rotting peaches

What a drag it must be, to be like that

mentally ill people don’t get cancer

at least I’ve never met one

      miserable oceans apart

what it must be like, living on

  a dog’s leash

a gift of the horse in the mouth

     a grave on either side

     some artist wrote a book

some author plays the game of brandy + cigars

   talks with the gen’lmen-scholars

  and they go back to their boots and hunting

      and triggers and hairpins

and planning the annihilation of the enemy

Tigers walk slowly, eyeing up their prey

   the tips of crows’ wings  setting off the sky

What if the grass is greener on the other side

   And parents off the tan their offspring’s hide

I don’t know what i feel inside

with all the oil paint sitting there unused

the tiggers hoped I’d create a portrait

of them stealing through the brush

the way I figger I can’t get caught

doing something bad

   It’s the best linen canvas you ever had

I would lay back for days

coaxing my back back into shape

  It hurts after working

  and the frog outside keeps croaking

Crow may leave a versatile feather

        for me to pick

  from the ashes

in the sand

And I will go play in the band

with all my wet music

  stained and haunted by

        a silent sadness

©2014 by Rudolf Kurt Penner


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One Mountain Lion, One Police Car and One Deer

One Mountain
and One Police car
and one deer

And three trees,
and 2 deserts

One mountain Lion
one woman with long hair
spinning her web

one dried up sea
stretching from see to see point

a rattlesnake wriggling thru

shorten my sentences
with a hangman’s rope
cut with a razorsharp

here we are

bring me a rabbit and a blade of grass

tomorrow’s the nightday

Northern California, close to Reno

one mountain lion
one police car
and one deer

the tracks were laid down long ago
by a featherlight pen

now the pigeons sit on trains
even in boxcars
satisfied by a seed

by a fountain pen

and they were all here

drinking from the well
of the golden snake nearby
asking the camera for a projection

© 2014 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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blue ground, black grass

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Grandmaster Kwong Poon Fu

Grandmaster Kwong Poon Fu

poster in memory of Grandmaster Kwong Poon Fu, with 2 white cranes

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Calling All Angels

Calling all Angels
All Old Angels aboard;
the Vessel is sinking
the pirates are drinking
the cook has arthritis
the nightwatchman and his stars – are one
the mast is high
in night sea air
the crow’s nest – a perfect example

fish dart furtively
under the backwash
below deck the Angel of Awe
has it out with one of the Captains –
– of Industry

the nightwatchman-watches his stars

©  2012 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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Cutting ribbons on ceremony
snoring routine
walking, walking, and never running
the slack is never taken up
that’s why the yo-yos
unbound but perfect
wading in water
never going for a swim
act like simpleminded motions will save the day and carry on

tap dancing before fires roaring in camp lodge fireplaces
huge and daring
accosting the sweat glands
tearing up the eyes
swatting off the flies
gasoline and smell of campfire coffee  going home
to the nose
making every grass to use
drawing up branches
broken and ashen
standing there leaning in

©  2012 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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The Wheel Keeps On Turning

(excerpts from The Wheel Keeps on Turning)

…Makin’ a whole lotta Cash
Sinbad now plays the geetar…

…I hope he learns to sing
…leaning on the rail
and the Wheel keeps on turning…

…two losers in bed
neither human
nor ashamed…

…I bought my souvenir
of a better time…

…Back-to-back hits charging out radio speakers
always the same, always lame…

…Magpies and scorpions overhead…

…Choking on dying plants
and cosmic rants…

…The leaves are brown for sure…

…and the Wheel keeps on turning…

(to get the poem in its entirety please contact me)

©  2012 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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(excerpt from Becoming)

…healing all the bees
that are flying through the trees…

…where is the broken vase that caused so much trouble
now, becoming rich in small things
It is becoming…

(to get the whole 42 line poem contact me)

©  2012 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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Sleep then children
let your tears wash you dry
Let the organ music drown your sorrow
and stop thinking, for God’s sake,
stop thinking
Eat your oatmeal in the morning when it can do you no good,
your eggs at night when they congest your sinuses
drink your milk and eat your bananas late to get bad dreams
Sleep with the light on
and plenty of noise from the street
so you will miss the birds that tweet in the morning dew
Never talk to yourself or to each other
for the State is your Mother and your brother

The rains will come no matter what
Trees will grow to hide your pain
and all will be done in the name of your good
Be kind to carnivals
and music festivals of all kinds,
let them sway you into a lull
and cause your insides to burst in your 50s

© 2011

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jazz blue audio and washline

Black and white next to the door
It doesn’t matter anymore
The Night is Blue
And me and You
have seen so many things
that oranges could conceivably be compared to oranges
And the knitted hammock hanging in the wind
is compared, but not often, to a firmer bed
Things have gone wrong
– in my head
Black is white and white is black
and jazz-blue audio
is concentrating near the stereo

Tight and dry the washing holds
to the line across the yard
the Dark is Day
and she and he they will participate
and getting acquainted in the air
What’s fair and square
the melon never will trapeze
what collected carpet in the hallway floor
– rolled and set and full of dirt
like a jacuzzi after the stream
and greying rooms let their shadows in on all the secrets
away, away with you
–from carnival to carnival

© 2011

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