poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner

unpretentious observer…

…I hope your postcards ’ coming in
will show you all where I have bin
at the seaside rendezvouses and Inns
where lemonade is served
and sad but smiling faces
let your minute-taker catch the facts
and satin truths and hear them ply their pecking
order in the dew of morning’s pale envelopes
of siding with this or that stew…

(excerpt from unpretentious observer © 2009 Rudolf Penner
contact me to get the entire poem)

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beach capsule

Tap tap I hear all your crap
they tell me you got problems
I’m dying to see
like all the water fludding down the plain
I see your face again, the same;
It’s not much to ask you pack your bags
what’s it worth to you to do some chores

put a sandbag in the gap
where they can see the yellow-smelling flowers
Take me there
too far to take a wagon
down the sodden track
I see your face again, I blame myself
I saw your work going down the sink

Snap snap I’m gonna snore
like all old men upon the shore
with their babes hanging onto their
plastic-strap aluminum lawnchairs
It wasn’t much to ask
and I was in a jam

©  2012 Rudolf Kurt Penner

(this poem contains a link to one of my favorite childhood songs)

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jazz blue audio and washline

Black and white next to the door
It doesn’t matter anymore
The Night is Blue
And me and You
have seen so many things
that oranges could conceivably be compared to oranges
And the knitted hammock hanging in the wind
is compared, but not often, to a firmer bed
Things have gone wrong
– in my head
Black is white and white is black
and jazz-blue audio
is concentrating near the stereo

Tight and dry the washing holds
to the line across the yard
the Dark is Day
and she and he they will participate
and getting acquainted in the air
What’s fair and square
the melon never will trapeze
what collected carpet in the hallway floor
– rolled and set and full of dirt
like a jacuzzi after the stream
and greying rooms let their shadows in on all the secrets
away, away with you
–from carnival to carnival

© 2011

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Pigeons Still

– Pigeons still – she wrote, upon her note to Gordon Airth
the quiet room became a birdcage
melancholy blue
the soft flutter of wings and chummy hum of cooing
we woke every morning
to the sounds
the soft friendly feathery fawning
mites would enter in at our window
we thought
curious glowing-marble-eyes heads would crane their necks and watch into our window
she thought they would fly in
but they never did, their unconscious
thoughts subtracting heaven from eleven,
professor-like stepping to and fro
above the facia
free they were, but stuck together
inside our bedroom walls they
shuffled and hopped
wondering if one was stuck, I mentioned it
they were our ghosts for awhile
that haunted gently, the winter nights
and gaze in our eyes green purple and grey, brown eyes like a hollow spirit
just climbing down from its tree
we get up and make tea
and those fluttering pigeons
take lift off the roof corner and disappear in the vanishing point near a cloud
as grey as our sofa.

© 1995  Rudolf Penner

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