poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner

Caring for the Coffeeshop

caring for the coffeeshop
where the owner is always present
or is presenting one of the employees he chose
working the internet
from his own free Wi-Fi
that is – it’s free for us,
the Cute customers
but he’ll always gather himself
up to serve a coffee
or arrange the pastries,
never getting lost on the net
like us Average Joe’s
The rough-worn bar whose sides just look old
and may indeed be old –
but brought in to enhance
the modern feel interior
decorator did a fine job, maybe himself
so fine even I am caring for the coffeeshop
in turquoise clay the mud is poured
dining in traditional Chinatown, now
leased to Whites and Browns
who’ll pay any price to open up;
unafraid of losing a couple hundred grand
how can people be unafraid of losing
a couple of hundred grand
and be so nice about it
at the same time
I gave myself an extra dime
to make a call from an extinct phone booth;
40¢ just wasn’t enough
to call the beach
where the Persian lackadaisical man informed the ocean
of his being
some girl tore to shreds
the remnants of his life
a wild ride
with real estate
he’s leaving he’s leaving
after weaving his tale

how can people be so cool
to work around the purer rule
of certainty and law
leaving their non-existent baggage
at the door
of science and nature

© 2015 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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Listening – is the Greatest Thing

Listening to the greatest hits of the Doobies

with my leaf green-, yellow- and red-striped Parker pen in hand

the guitar, naked, parked against a crack-open dresser drawer

       perched like the sounds won’t come out

this long diatribe on the state-of-affairs

because of being the long version of ‘the best’

striped bacon ready to be ranch-fried

am I ready for Spring?    Are you?

fickle telephone books with their changing number, lying discarded on the floor

Come to think of it

        All things are planned

        thus the Doobies made it Big.

Here on April 7th, the weather rainy and impinging

Top-heavy like a topcoat at the start of summer

Listening – that is the greatest thing

© 2010  Rudolf Penner

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Bridges to Babylon

It’s easy to imagine yourself a millionaire
with the Rolling Stones playing in the background
and Mick’s coaching on the Goddess album
I am the Master of My Own Money coming In
A 30 day meditation of 20 minutes each
I pretend I go to the London School of Economics myself
Read books on how to succeed in business
Bridges to Babylon and the hanging gardens
just keep doing the same things over and over
Roll your eyeballs around in piles of money
Chew on it, fill your mouth with money
Sweeten up honey, I’ll fill your bed with money
And especially my shoes, my secondhand shoes
– I’ll crumple bills –
stuff them with money to make them hold their shape

Be Open to every Opportunity to make
Write them Down after You think of Them

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