poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner

Writing as Milan Gibran

writing as a sinner
or a third world binner
wagering his hand across the hot coals
the walking parrot had foretold
that many sheep would leave the fold
the barber shut his gate at 8
to smoke his pipe among the tides
before the evening light
had been squelched by veils and the haze of smouldering fires
Getting to his family for the evening meal
had been the measured step that took him home
He thought aplenty, and meditating, made a mental note
of showpieces he would show his kin
in the village plaza
Where actors roamed all day
and goats and chicken cordially lay
and seeds aplenty
begged the cause of fowl pigeons
Maps of serious places on far-away lands
hunted his memory
Where would the Pearls of Yesterday
bringing their shells , lay them, for homes
on foreign shores
collected the eggs of partridges
and sold them on the cobblestones

©2016-2020 Rudolf Penner

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One Mountain Lion, One Police Car and One Deer

One Mountain
and One Police car
and one deer

And three trees,
and 2 deserts

One mountain Lion
one woman with long hair
spinning her web

one dried up sea
stretching from see to see point

a rattlesnake wriggling thru

shorten my sentences
with a hangman’s rope
cut with a razorsharp

here we are

bring me a rabbit and a blade of grass

tomorrow’s the nightday

Northern California, close to Reno

one mountain lion
one police car
and one deer

the tracks were laid down long ago
by a featherlight pen

now the pigeons sit on trains
even in boxcars
satisfied by a seed

by a fountain pen

and they were all here

drinking from the well
of the golden snake nearby
asking the camera for a projection

© 2014 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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Great Big Swan Eating Grass

Great Big Swan eating grass
Lost Lagoon is where he’s seen
never seen him up this close
walking through for one last swim
I am, at Sunset pool
dear Water: ride me
Ride me till I float
That orange bill on whiteswan head
is like an advertisement
Contrast the green grass he’s chewing
feel the hard gravel walk man has made
around his man-made lake
only a few feet deep
One last swim, but I’m going deep
Deeper to hear the last Rays of Summer
breathe on me from the West
Here an’ there a lazy child. not in school will swim by.

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Turkey limerick

Upon the old table it lay
The turkey fresh out of the grave
It wobbled quite slightly
And Henry ate might’ly
That turkey in gravy Tokay

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Pigeons Still

– Pigeons still – she wrote, upon her note to Gordon Airth
the quiet room became a birdcage
melancholy blue
the soft flutter of wings and chummy hum of cooing
we woke every morning
to the sounds
the soft friendly feathery fawning
mites would enter in at our window
we thought
curious glowing-marble-eyes heads would crane their necks and watch into our window
she thought they would fly in
but they never did, their unconscious
thoughts subtracting heaven from eleven,
professor-like stepping to and fro
above the facia
free they were, but stuck together
inside our bedroom walls they
shuffled and hopped
wondering if one was stuck, I mentioned it
they were our ghosts for awhile
that haunted gently, the winter nights
and gaze in our eyes green purple and grey, brown eyes like a hollow spirit
just climbing down from its tree
we get up and make tea
and those fluttering pigeons
take lift off the roof corner and disappear in the vanishing point near a cloud
as grey as our sofa.

© 1995  Rudolf Penner

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