poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner

cheer up mr. sunshine

…attending the magnificent sunrise in their hearts

and open arms greeting you

in the heaven of your joy!

a musical note will pipe the tune

and grass will grow under your feet

you’ll work as you walk up the street

and you won’t weep

and ladybugs’ll land on your finger as you hold it out…

                     (excerpt from “cheer up mr. sunshine”. To get the complete poem contact me.)

© 2009 Rudolf Kurt Penner

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unpretentious observer…

…I hope your postcards ’ coming in
will show you all where I have bin
at the seaside rendezvouses and Inns
where lemonade is served
and sad but smiling faces
let your minute-taker catch the facts
and satin truths and hear them ply their pecking
order in the dew of morning’s pale envelopes
of siding with this or that stew…

(excerpt from unpretentious observer © 2009 Rudolf Penner
contact me to get the entire poem)

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