poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner

The Girl That Looked Like Julia Roberts

There was a girl that looked like
Julia Roberts, in the line-up
at the Hindoo temple, waiting
with her friends, same ski slope
nose, with a jump
end this note
and bother with tying up loose ends
in your sewing
creme-coloured stripes in your
fingernails aglow
with song and with summer-
sweet nectar dripping
down your cheek
a side of the pink (…to get the full poem contact me)

© 2012

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To The Islands

A coffee a beer and a bag of chips
that’s all I bought on my holiday
Call me cheap, but the boiled
beets I brought along
were terrific. A few drips
stained my shoes.
The hummous was great
because I made it
And the cabbage was sweet
because it came from the Comox Valley

To the islands
away we go: Skipping the waves
like a winging stone
Across cultures to the shore
watching the kayakers boat
and seeing the sun gradually
drive its stake thru the clouds
I wonder where my prayers went;
probably into some cafe
I fly a kite
I rib my joint
I see the islanders wonder who I am
roads and trees and breezy
winds, taking the early exit
back over the waves
Catching a tune on a half-hearted
radio I measure my steps

© 2011

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A nook in Rome

Pickled eggs and pickled herring
pimento peppers from Greece
cheese from Rome and I’ll have a slice and a piece
Reading a book in a nook in Spain
getting choice and chic ideas
in case of a brain
small shovels, spades for digging holes for dropping poo
a feather pen and blood for taking notes
I almost know my life by rote
wear thin coat in the summer
of my love, din drizzle
pattering on its green
Before the Flood and After the Flood

© 2011

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Sleep then children
let your tears wash you dry
Let the organ music drown your sorrow
and stop thinking, for God’s sake,
stop thinking
Eat your oatmeal in the morning when it can do you no good,
your eggs at night when they congest your sinuses
drink your milk and eat your bananas late to get bad dreams
Sleep with the light on
and plenty of noise from the street
so you will miss the birds that tweet in the morning dew
Never talk to yourself or to each other
for the State is your Mother and your brother

The rains will come no matter what
Trees will grow to hide your pain
and all will be done in the name of your good
Be kind to carnivals
and music festivals of all kinds,
let them sway you into a lull
and cause your insides to burst in your 50s

© 2011

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jazz blue audio and washline

Black and white next to the door
It doesn’t matter anymore
The Night is Blue
And me and You
have seen so many things
that oranges could conceivably be compared to oranges
And the knitted hammock hanging in the wind
is compared, but not often, to a firmer bed
Things have gone wrong
– in my head
Black is white and white is black
and jazz-blue audio
is concentrating near the stereo

Tight and dry the washing holds
to the line across the yard
the Dark is Day
and she and he they will participate
and getting acquainted in the air
What’s fair and square
the melon never will trapeze
what collected carpet in the hallway floor
– rolled and set and full of dirt
like a jacuzzi after the stream
and greying rooms let their shadows in on all the secrets
away, away with you
–from carnival to carnival

© 2011

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