poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner

The Poetry

photo of rudolf in blue dragon shirtMy poems are a way of working through issues, discussing with myself and others the nature of life experience. Some ways of being force us to really stretch, and here my poems take twists and turns into abstract escapism. Finding images to release the individual from tension is not always easy. Others may relate and give their own interpretations to my poetry, just as they do to others’.

This is all part and parcel of the game and art of poetry. What a reader or listener finds in words is for their own benefit. Sometimes they’ll be unable to find common ground at all. Then they can either just appreciate the rhythmic flows and patterns, the occasional rhyme, the concocted verbs verbatim, the shining, glimmery phrases and stanzas or depart vehemently to the race of human humdrum.

A general feeling may be all that one can get from a poem. This is great. Go ahead, live in that vision of an alternate reality. It may take the place of a sorrow or a pain. It may help in gaining distance from a crazy experience. All these ways of appreciating or dialoguing with someone else’s wordforms are fine. There is no right way to read a poem.

Feel free to comment if you wish, or be inspired to write some verse of your own, and share it with others, or hide it in your attic.


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