poems by Rudolf Kurt Penner

(See Sandor sign)

See Sandor sign
his new painting sings of wine
betrothals to Nature
the walls of the Old Garden
crumpling, overgrowing themselves with leavy trees
the green leaves drooping over ochre
the moist branches draping lower portions of the sky
twelve baskets hanging form the widest virtues
the sinewous worms stretching from their ground
earth feelers ,  gummy unfettered naturals
letting themselves be brick red and the
flowers of the sun, casting their seeds to
the breeze of gentle summer
The Northern Sampson sees clearly, his mountains
a brilliant sapphire ,  blue as the snows on Kilimanjaro
a coyote hunting in the orchard, the apple
he took too peachy red
For the painting grows as the garden glows
The adventure of painting never finished
The woman sitting on the natural wall
diffused earth ochres her bare feet
motioned by the wind
Her smooth back is a rest
the greyest panther ever walked calm & wild
towards her circumlocution
the apprentice ,  sits and stares at the scene

© 1995  Rudolf Penner

November 13, 2007 - Posted by | about artists/poets, All Poems, girls and trees; flowers and bees

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